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Hi i am a LeReve consultant

Discussions : Introductions : Hi i am a LeReve consultant

Elyse wrote:

My name is Elyse and i have just signed up as a consultant for LeReve perfumes. i haven't done ant partys yet, as i dont have my kit = ( i would love to get some ideas on how to do perfume party's different game, ways to book people to host a rendezvous ect.

mj replied:

Welcome to the site! Plenty of info on here to help your business grow! Good luck warm wishes MJ 

broadmere1 replied:

Hi there,   Have fun finding your way around on this wonderful site.  Plenty of info to be sourced.   Cheers, Margie

ExMember replied:

[Posted by former member number 2415]

nixandbuz replied:

Hi there, I am an Independent Le Reve Consultant/Director in the Cairns/Tablelands area.  You will find lots of helpful information here.   Also, talk to your upline Director, they can point you in the right direction as to how to start booking your parties.  If you are in Brisbane, who is your upline?   Great to have you here in this forum.    

FM-Fragrances-Australia-World replied:

Welcome to the site - there is always something going on :)   Rich xo Sponsor Number 12006520  

Snazza replied:

Hi there and Welcome   Good Luck on your new business venture. Heaps of great info on here to help you out.   Kind regards   Snazza

Beulah replied:

Hi Elyse, Welcome to this great pp community! All the best with your new business venture.  I'm sure you'll find heaps of ideas and handy advice from the very helpful people on this site.  Let us know how it goes! Cheers, Beulah

Kelly replied:

Hi Elyse! Welcome to the site and a big welcome to the Le Reve family! My name is is Kelly and I'm a Le Reve addict!!! Feel free to message me anytime for a chat. Happy rendezvousing Kelly xx

ExMember replied:

[Posted by former member number 6] Hi Eylse, Welcome to the site? How is the business going? Jean

FM-Fragrances-Australia-World replied:

Hi there,   Welcome to the site - heaps of info to look at. If you need help with women's or men's Fragrances, let me know. Rich Sponsor Number 12006520