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Whether you are looking for a new independent business venture or you are already a party plan expert, you will find this site a valuable resource. is your source for all things party plan.

The party plan is a direct sales method of marketing products through social events allowing you to start your own business for a very small investment. Party plan selling offers unlimited income potential and you can easily start part-time from your home without the risk of losing your present income.

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So, you are keen to get started but not sure what products to promote. This is one of the most important decisions you will make as there are many different party plan companies selling an equally diverse range of products. Common products sold through the party plan direct selling model include home decor items, jewelry, skin care, cosmetics, clothing, lingerie, adult products, crafts, and children's educational toys.

It is important to choose a product that you actually like and are passionate about. If you are not enthusiastic about the products you are selling, you will have a hard time convincing your customers to buy them. Check out our company directory for a comprehensive list of business opportunities available.

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Party plan has made shopping from home so much easier. You can hold traditional �in home� parties or other options available may include �online� parties, �catalogue� parties and simply ordering �online� direct from the company. So farewell to pushy crowds, not being able to find a car park and missing out on that last item on the clearance table, party plan just makes shopping enjoyable! Let�s not forget that you can earn free products simply from shopping from home! Check our company directory for a list of different companies and products available today.

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FAQ We have compiled a list of answers to our most frequently asked questions.
Company directory A great range of direct selling companies are on display in our company directory. Feel free to visit their websites and ask them for more information about their products and business opportunites.
Find a consultant If you are looking to host a party, check out our consultant directory. We have consultants listed from a wide range of companies. Feel free to add your own listing too (its free!)
Community Full of tips, tricks and encouragement our online community allows you to network with other party planners from around the country and world.
Articles The article library is a collection of specially selected articles coving a wide variety of topics relevant to the direct selling/party plan industry.
Discussions Our discussion forum connects you to a wealth of knowledge including fantastic tips, encouragement and motivation.

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Are you looking for encouragement? Maybe you need a pinch of inspiration or friendship? This site has been specially designed to help you make the most of your business. Forget working a typical 9am-5pm job, enjoy flexible hours, selling products you love and enjoy that extra income!

Have a look at the great range of companies and their interesting products available to satisfy all tastes and budgets. Read through our article library, enjoy the community forum and all tips, tricks and idea�s shared, there is so much information here on offer!

You will find us fun, informative and encouraging, so boil the kettle, sit back, relax and enjoy Party Plans!

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Lorraine Lea Linen

Specialising in beautiful linen, manchester & decorator items for every room in the home at prices everyone can afford. With extensive training & support youll be well equipped to earn a generous income. Start your home styling party plan business with just $100 deposit.

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Looking for a Direct Sales (Party Plan) Company? Do you know what questions to ask?

"...So you know what products you want to sell, but how do you pick the right company? By asking questions, but what questions should you ask? Make sure to ask questions like..."

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